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We had a Fairy Portrait day event  on April 5th & 6th. at Brilliant Sky Toys in Centennial, Colorado.  They are located at The Streets of South Glenn.  We created these type of images for Mom’s wanting something different for Mother’s Day and Easter.   It was a weekend of little girls running around the store in Fairy dresses.  It was  huge success and everyone had a blast, including the parents.  

Today, I received a testimonial of one of the parents experience.   Here’s what she had to say about her fairy portrait experience.  

“My stepdaughter had a wonderful time as a fairy, she laughed about how much Mr. Paul said awesome. I was very impressed with the entire process. The dress options, his enthusiasm during the shoot, the attention to my stepdaughter, making sure she enjoyed the process and that was just the artistic side. What put Paul above the bar is the personal touches on the business side. Explaining the process to us, setting up the viewing, the beautiful folder that showed the packages, confirmation email with instructions and details on how to make the viewing the most meaningful for us, reminder text message. The entire experience was awesome. The artistry is as amazing as the images you see on the website, and the personal touches really just blew me away! I cannot wait to have the new fairy art on the wall. I have already recommended Paul to friends and will continue to spread the word!”

I really have the best clients on the planet.  Fairy Portraits has changed my life, and when I have a client like this one.  It just reminds me of why I do what I do.  Thank you so much Michelle! 

Realistic Fairy Portrait Art



We want your Daughter to have the most amazing time when she has her Fairy Portraits created with us.  We have photographed a lot of girls here at Paul Maynard Photography in Littleton, Colorado, and give them an experience of a lifetime.   We have been a Portrait Photographer since 1986 and are very good will all types of children.  A lot of parents always say to me, “you’ll never get my daughter to sit still, or act appropriately, or pay attention, etc.  I’ve heard it all, and this is the one time that I really don’t listen to you.  Now, I am not trying to be rude.  In my experience of photographing hundreds of fairy portraits, every girl who walks into my photography studio acts the same way.  As soon as they see the real Enchanted Forest…they do everything Mr. Paul asks of them.  It’s amazing, and I love all the girls who come to my portrait studio.

I want you and your little girl to have the most amazing experience.  I’ve put this Fairy Portrait Session checklist to help you both have a great fairy photography session.   We are looking forward to transforming your little girl into a real-life fairy.

Realistic Fairy Portrait Art

I love my Fairy Portrait clients!

When I have someone send me kind words as these, it reminds me why I do this.

Thank you Lisa!!

Here is what Lisa had to share.  “Had a fantastic time at my grand daughter’s session today. She was in awe.

She is only 4 yrs old but when we were done, and I was changing her back into her clothes she said, “Mr. Paul is awesome”

What an incredible experience. You are a very talented man! Thank you for such a good experience.”


Realistic Fairy Portrait Art


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