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I Broke My Neck…and I Really Appreciate You!


I had a life changing experience about 26 years ago where I couldn’t even brush my teeth. It seems like such a simple task but try to imagine not being able to lift your arm with a toothbrush in your hand.  Not to mention being able to pick up a camera!!!!

I am hoping that my story will inspire and motivate you to get off your ass and start taking action towards the things you really want to do with your life.

I am working on a video series right now to break it up into different segments so it’s not so long in one video.

I am starting to reach out to local schools and groups to share my story to inspire and motivate young adults.

The one thing that none of us have control over his time. Yes, I have taken a lot of time to finally getting around to telling the story. We all have a different journey that we are on and now is my time.

At this point with what you just learned what are your thoughts?

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