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Over the last 4 weeks I’ve experienced my parents having some major health issues.   This has really put life into perspective and going to be changing how I run my business.


For some reason, people just are not reading this last sentence.

I am going to be enhancing and adding to my business.  There are projects I’ve wanted to do for years and haven’t because of fear.  I have also been wanting to teach, train, and speak about photography & how to build your business with social media.  A long time ago, one of my mentors passed on this little tidbit with me.  It’s called ILT, Invest in yourself, Learn, and the teach it to others.  I’ve spent a lot of time with some very successful online marketers to help me grow my business with social media.  Now, I want to share this knowledge with the world.  I am pursuing my teaching, training, and speaking career as an add-on to what I am doing.

Life is too short to NOT follow my dreams and goals.  I have MASSIVE dreams and will NOT ever say…”I wish I would have”.

With all of that said, if you haven’t had a Magical Fairy Portrait or Unique Edgy Sports Portrait created yet.  Give me a call and let’s get you in the studio.  If you are looking for a unique one of a kind work of art for your home or office.  Give me a call and commission me to create an art piece which will make people stop in their tracks.

Also, if you have a group of people who wish to learn how they can grow their business using social media or need some mindset training.  Please let me know as I’d love to share my knowledge.

Thank you to all of you for the support over the last 10 years and for the next 10 years.  I very much appreciate you and looking forward to the upgraded journey.

Mr. Paul with Paul Maynard Photography

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Fairy Portraits create moments in time between family members is just priceless.  Every Mother deserves to have a moment like this.  Children are special, especially when they are young, and it’s important to have moments like these.

I create Fairy Portraits in Littleton, Colorado and have since 2008.  I focus on give the girls a real experience, and something they will remember forever.  I’ve had many of my clients tell me how special I am because of how well I work with children.  I also make sure the girls have a fun time while during their 20-30 minute Enchanted Forest Fairy Session.  We keep our sessions short for one reason, and one reason only.  So, your Daughter has a FUN experience.  Any longer and what’s the point.  By the time you walk in the door till the time you leave will be under 40 minutes!!  This needs to be FUN for the parents as well.

If you want to see, read, and hear how I am different than some of the other fairy photographers?  Go to the following places and I’ll let others share with you why I feel I am the best fit for your fairy portraits.

Facebook YouTube

Please watch the following video and see why sharing a moment like this is priceless.  See you soon.

We are so excited to have a fundraiser benefiting the Ronald McDonald Charities Denver organization.  We love what they do, and want to give back to help those in need.  Last year we raised, $17,000 for Children’s Hospital Colorado and feel very proud to help them.  Stating on October 1st, in Littleton, Colorado we will be looking for Child Models for our 2016 Enchanted Forest Fairy Calendar.  Please help us help those in need by participating in our fundraiser to help the families of injured/sick children.


Realistic Fairy Portrait Art



Cell Phone
How did you find us?
What is your child's name and age?
When did you want to book a session and time?
Do you have any artwork displayed in your home?
Have you ever had a painted portrait of any of your family members?

What a fun day at Colorado’s Best morning show.  I was invited back to be on the show to talk about our fairy portraits.  Paula & Joanna are always a pleasure to work with as well as the entire staff.  Here is the segment if you haven’t already seen it.

Had so much fun with this family creating a fun fairy adventure.  The boy was very excited to be a part of their sisters Fairy Day.

We like to mix it up sometimes to come up with new and creative ways creating these fantasy fairy adventures.

Realistic Fairy Portrait Art

Have you booked your fairy session yet?  Your children will have the time of their life…at least that’s what they tell me 🙂

Cell Phone
How did you find us?
What is your child's name and age?
When did you want to book a session and time?
Do you have any artwork displayed in your home?
Have you ever had a painted portrait of any of your family members?

We want your Daughter to have the most amazing time when she has her Fairy Portraits created with us.  We have photographed a lot of girls here at Paul Maynard Photography in Littleton, Colorado, and give them an experience of a lifetime.   We have been a Portrait Photographer since 1986 and are very good will all types of children.  A lot of parents always say to me, “you’ll never get my daughter to sit still, or act appropriately, or pay attention, etc.  I’ve heard it all, and this is the one time that I really don’t listen to you.  Now, I am not trying to be rude.  In my experience of photographing hundreds of fairy portraits, every girl who walks into my photography studio acts the same way.  As soon as they see the real Enchanted Forest…they do everything Mr. Paul asks of them.  It’s amazing, and I love all the girls who come to my portrait studio.

I want you and your little girl to have the most amazing experience.  I’ve put this Fairy Portrait Session checklist to help you both have a great fairy photography session.   We are looking forward to transforming your little girl into a real-life fairy.

Realistic Fairy Portrait Art

I love my Fairy Portrait clients!

When I have someone send me kind words as these, it reminds me why I do this.

Thank you Lisa!!

Here is what Lisa had to share.  “Had a fantastic time at my grand daughter’s session today. She was in awe.

She is only 4 yrs old but when we were done, and I was changing her back into her clothes she said, “Mr. Paul is awesome”

What an incredible experience. You are a very talented man! Thank you for such a good experience.”


Realistic Fairy Portrait Art


Personalized Fairy Story Book – 84% off for the next 24 hours



We very much appreciate your business.  Today, and for the next 24 hours, we want to offer you our most popular art product…the Fairy Story Book.
We have created portraits that are more than just photographs  Something, which brings a tear to your eye or a lump to your throat each time you look at them.  Your personalized Fairy Story Book is going to be more beautiful than you dreamed it would be.  It will give you chills because it’s a window into the life and personality of your child.  It truly is priceless because it says what words really cannot say.  It is something that is almost spiritual, that expresses your child’s true personality.  This magical story book of your child will bring years of enjoyment, and will touch the hearts of everyone who turns each page.
The Fairy Story Book will include every image from your session with all the creative enhancements ($1,350 value).
Act with-in the next 24 hours and you’ll also receive $1,190 in products for free:
  • A personalized mobile app with all your images which can be shared on all the social networks ($390 value).
  • A personalized video slide show with music ($200 value).
  • All your images (web ready) for Facebook, Blog, email, etc. ($50 per image value – most sessions have at least 12 images $600 value).

Mother’s Day isn’t too far off.  This would make a great gift for Mom, and Grandma.

The value of this Client Appreciation Offer is $2,540.00.
Get yours today for only $399, which includes shipping.
Fairy Story Book Order Link – $1,140 Free Products
Want to add a 2nd book?  Click on the link below to include a 2nd book for an extra $150.
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This is a one-time  offer, so act today, and we will get working on your book immediately.
Thank you once more for being such a great client.  I’ve had so much fun meeting your family, and look forward to serving you once again soon.

Appreciate your family because you never know how quickly it can change. I had the pleasure of photographing Mia for the Children’s Hospital Colorado Fairy Calendar. Which she ended up winning the cover of the calendar. Here is her story, and another reason why I want to support Children’s Hospital Colorado. Even if you have a 2014 calendar, will you please support CHC?

Here is Mia’s Story:

Mia is a 7 year old girl who loves horses, dogs, dancing, skiing and being a sister. In June 2013, after loosing motor skills, Mia was diagnosed with a DIPG (which is an inoperable, incurable terminal tumor in the brain stem) and given less than a year to live. The Children’s hospital Neurosurgery, Neuro-Oncology, and Neuro-Radiation teams have taken excellent care with our family while facing this journey. Mia underwent a 6 week radiation treatment, which she fared well through, and that has given us several months of normalcy. We are currently in our 8th month with Mia and likely have only a few weeks of symptom free time remaining before the tumor returns and takes her from us, but we are enjoying every minute we have to make lasting memories. She still enjoys horse riding as much as our Colorado winter weather allows and has enjoyed some skiing this winter as well as a Make-A-Wish trip to Legoland, and a trip to Disney World with grandparents. This journey has reinforced the need in life to enjoy and appreciate every day you are given as well as find positives to focus on when times are tough. If you ever find yourself looking for good places to support the Children’s Hospital and Mak-A-Wish are certainly organizations that make a difference.

Realistic Fairy Portrait Art


Now that the holidays are over…it’s time to get back to work. I hope you had a fun and safe holiday with family and friends. Now on to the special offer…

Today, for the next 48 hours, we would like to offer you a “Special Session Fee.” Yes, we want our phones to ring again in the new year. Our sessions normally run $75.00 – $325 depending on the type of session, and for the next 48 hours, you can purchase a session for only $25.00. We have never offered this before, and my wife isn’t too happy with me about it. However, we want to ring in the new year with an offer you just can’t refuse.


Click Below to purchase a Session


This session can be used until the end of 2014, and can be used towards Fairy, Family, Edgy Sports, Fitness, Valentine’s Day, Head Shots, and High-School Senior Portraits. So, if you are going to have multiple sessions this year. Now is the time to cash in on this offer.

Scroll Over the Image to see the finished Art

Before/After Image Crossfade by The Traveling Designer

Do you know a family member or friend who could benefit from our offer? Why not share this on your Facebook page, tweet, and purchase as gifts.

You must act quickly as this offer will end in 48 hours (expires at 6:00 pm this Wednesday, January 8th.)

Have a great day, and we look forward to seeing you in the studio.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Maynard

P.S. Get your 2014 Calendar here and help Children’s Hospital Colorado at the same time by clicking here.