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The Future of Paul Maynard Photography

the future

Over the last 4 weeks I’ve experienced my parents having some major health issues.   This has really put life into perspective and going to be changing how I run my business.


For some reason, people just are not reading this last sentence.

I am going to be enhancing and adding to my business.  There are projects I’ve wanted to do for years and haven’t because of fear.  I have also been wanting to teach, train, and speak about photography & how to build your business with social media.  A long time ago, one of my mentors passed on this little tidbit with me.  It’s called ILT, Invest in yourself, Learn, and the teach it to others.  I’ve spent a lot of time with some very successful online marketers to help me grow my business with social media.  Now, I want to share this knowledge with the world.  I am pursuing my teaching, training, and speaking career as an add-on to what I am doing.

Life is too short to NOT follow my dreams and goals.  I have MASSIVE dreams and will NOT ever say…”I wish I would have”.

With all of that said, if you haven’t had a Magical Fairy Portrait or Unique Edgy Sports Portrait created yet.  Give me a call and let’s get you in the studio.  If you are looking for a unique one of a kind work of art for your home or office.  Give me a call and commission me to create an art piece which will make people stop in their tracks.

Also, if you have a group of people who wish to learn how they can grow their business using social media or need some mindset training.  Please let me know as I’d love to share my knowledge.

Thank you to all of you for the support over the last 10 years and for the next 10 years.  I very much appreciate you and looking forward to the upgraded journey.

Mr. Paul with Paul Maynard Photography

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